Verified SQL 2005 Cluster bug…

In an earlier post, I mentioned a bug that I think that we found in SQL Server 2005 Clustering. I have confirmed the bug. The bug goes again like this: You have 2 Windows 2003 machines and one or both have been named with lower at least 1 lower case letter in the name. Now… Continue Reading

My podcast on MVP with April Spence

I just found out that they released the podcast on Voice of Support on Channel 9 that features myself and April Spence (MVP Lead). I know that I am no longer with Microsoft, but it does not change my opinion or passion for MVPs. The podcast is here. Check it out. Continue Reading

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SQL Server and Clustering

I will be setting up an environment to repro an issue that we found in installing a SQL Server cluster. We had 2 Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise servers that we were to cluster and then put SQL 2k5 in a cluster as well. We go to the point of installing the SQL Server in… Continue Reading